Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sailor Venus ♥ Minako Aino

The lovely Sailor Venus, our funny Minako Aino.
Name: Minako Aino
Star Sign: Libra
Age: Young Adult

 Star Quality

 Superstar Actor
Color: Orange
Food: Hamburger
Music: Pop

Due to custom content creators policies, this sim is packed with default skin and hair.
If you want Sailor Venus to look like she does in pictures you'll need to download this CC: 
(Please chose right skin and hair in CAS)

Lipstick Killer Lipgloss by Shyne
Skin Non-Default Skin (Mandarin) by M.Calero - MIRROR MEGA
Eyes Ultra Plain Eye Contacts by tamo
Blush M Show Powder Brusher by Lemonleaf
Hair  Peggy 5651 Converted/Fixed by My Blue Book

Some of these clothes are not included! 
If you want her clothes to look like in pictures you need to download:

Shirt  School Uniform (Top) by Lemonleaf
Skirt  No Belt Pleat Skirt by Poppysims

Top  Accesory Shirt by Casa N3
Dress ♥ Toulon Dress by Anubis360

Top Princess Top by Darko
Bottom Winter Vintage Bloomers by Parsimonious

Complete Outfit Sailor Moon Set by Anubis360
Shoes   Lolita Style Pumps by TSR Archive
Ribbons   Big Fat Ribbons by Syera

Swimsuit  Metallic Criss Cross by All About Style

Note that in order to make her face cartoonish I had to use many sliders, so you will NEED them if you want her to look like in pictures. Sliders help too much for doing unique sims, so, if you dont have them, I recommend you to download them.

These are the sliders I have (and probably used with this sim):
Jonha's Sliders
Jonha's Head Shape Slider
Ahmad's (bella3lek4) Facial Sliders
Upper Lip Slider by aWT
Jawline and Brow Depth Slider by aWT
Nostril Rotate Slider by aWT
Nose Septum Slider by aWT

You will need a hack to increase the number of sliders you can install and the range of sliders.  Here is a simple hack that do that: (I have my Slider Range Multiplier in 4x)
aWT Slider Hack


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♥ Don't know how to install .sims3pack files?

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  1. Hello, I just discovered your Sailor Moon sets and I absolutely love them. I was wondering, though, if you could do me an enormous favor and send me the file for Syera's Big Fat Ribbons -- it seems like her site no longer exists and I am unable to find the file anywhere. Thanks so much!